I Told The Storm: Strong Beginnings

Damon Harrison’s first big initiative took place in August of 2016 when his hometown of New Iberia was impacted by bad weather. He takes pride in his roots and focuses on giving back and helping the area that helped shape him into who he is today.

When unprecedented flooding was brought to Louisiana, Damon Harrison knew it was time to act. The New York Giant’s defensive lineman teamed up with Tyrunn Walker of the Detroit Lions to help their hometown of New Iberia that was devastated by flooding.

The back to school season was in full swing when the area was hit hard by massive floods, leaving many of the families in New Iberia without the proper means to provide their children with school uniforms. Harris and Walker teamed up on their initiative to find a way to provide students with their necessary school uniforms. Local schools that received their help include Park Elementary School, Johnston-Hopkins Elementary, and Anderson Middle School.

Kalkow Brothers and Fishman & Tobin Manufacturing donated an amazing 3,900 articles of clothing including shirts, pants, shorts, and jackets to be distributed amongst the students. In order to ensure that no child left unprepared for school, Harrison and Tyrunn purchased additional uniforms. In total, over $50,000 worth of clothes and school uniforms were donated to 2,500 local children at three different schools in the New Iberia region.